Delivery terms

Payment and delivery terms

1. Prices

The valid price is stated in the price list of Mairea Foundation's online shop. The valid price is indicated in euro (EUR). Mairea Foundation's online shop reserves the right to change prices. Delivery costs are added to the final order price. Delivery costs are determined according to the final order amount.

2. Payment terms

Online payment

Products can be paid for through the Checkout Finland service. Products and their postage are paid for in connection with the order. Payment methods available in Finland include online banks (Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, POP Banks, Nooa, Aktia, Savings Banks, S-Bank, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken and LähiTapiola) and flexible loans (Collector, Everyday, Joustoraha, APE Payment, Neocard). Credit card payments (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro) in Finland and abroad are made through the Checkout Finland website.

Payments through Checkout Finland

Mairea Foundation only acts as a product and service marketer, delivers the products to the buyer and handles any customer complaints.

Checkout Finland acts as the product seller so that customers make their transactions with Checkout Finland. The seller is responsible for all trading obligations. Checkout Finland is also the payment recipient.

Checkout Finland (business ID: 2196606-6)
P.O. Box 322
Tel.: +358 800 552 010

Online banks

The payment and financing service required for payments made through online banks is offered by Checkout Finland (2196606-6) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions.

3. Placing orders

Orders can be placed through Mairea Foundation's online shop and corporate customers can place their orders via email ( Any questions are to be presented by sending e-mail. Placing orders does not require any registration.


4. Delivery

Orders are delivered to consumers as letters or Economy parcels sent to a postal outlet. Other delivery options include Posti's SmartPOST terminals at outlets selected by the customer (only in Finland). Delivery and handling costs for this option are the same as delivery costs for parcels. Products will be sent within 2–7 weekdays from receiving the order. Products can also be picked up from Villa Mairea, in which case charges can be paid upon pick-up in cash or using a debit/credit card. Such orders must be placed via email. Once your products are ready, we will notify you of when and where your order is available for pick-up.

International orders are delivered as Economy parcels. The delivery time is two (2) weeks plus the general postal delivery time to the destination country. Delivery and handling costs are added to the prices indicated in the online shop according to the delivery place (see delivery costs).

5. Delivery costs

The prices of Checkout Finland include all delivery and mailing costs.


Purchases max. EUR 10 - delivery 4,35€

Purchases EUR 10-100 - delivery 9,90€

Purchases EUR 101-200 - delivery 12,40€

Purchases EUR +200 free delivery


Purchases max. 10€ - delivery 6,20€

Purchases 10-100€ - delivery 37,20€

Purchases 101-200€ - delivery 49,60€

Purchses EUR +200€ - delivery 62€

6. Return policy

Consumers can return products within fourteen (14) days of receiving their product(s), starting from the date of receipt. The products returned must be unused, in their original packages and in their original condition. Information about any returns must always be sent in advance via email ( or by calling +358 50 310 6442. Also state the number of the account to which you wish the purchase amount to be returned. Consumer pays the costs of the return. Products are returned to Mairea Foundation, C/O A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy, Laviantie 22, 29600 Noormarkku, Finland.

7. Customer complaints

Any defective or damaged products must be reported within reasonable time via email ( or by calling +358 50 310 6442.

8. Force majeure

Mairea Foundation's online shop does not bear any liability for deliveries being prevented, becoming difficult or being delayed due to a factor for which Mairea Foundation's online shop cannot have an impact, such as war, natural disaster, embargo on imports or exports, official decision, general disturbance in traffic or other similar activities that disturb or obstruct the operations of Mairea Foundation's online shop.

9. Settlement of disputes

Any disputes and disagreements arising from this distance selling agreement will be governed by the laws of Finland.

10. Value added tax

The product prices of Mairea Foundation's online shop include value added tax as listed below.
Books: VAT 10%
Other products: VAT 24%
Delivery costs: VAT 24%